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Welcome to Fruitful Vine.

I am Jennifer C. Valerie, a pastor's wife, stay at home homeschooling mom to two boys. I live on the Caribbean island of Dominica(NOT the Dominican Republic) also known as The Nature Isle of the Caribbean.

Vegetarian is what I have become and I love finding new and simple ways to prepare ordinary foods to make our vegetarian meals varied and interesting. And guess what? You get the benefit of that with the recipes on this site and in my recipe e-books.

I am passionate about health and healing through natural methods. I blog about healthy living and share some of my recipes here on Fruitful Vine as well as at Insanely Simple! Salads. My desire is to reach as many as I can both online and offline echoing the Hallelujah Acres message that “You Don’t Have To Be Sick!”

I believe that God has put into our hands many, many foods that can heal or prevent sickness or disease. Faith coupled with the right eating habits can set anyone on the path to better health.

With my Insanely Simple! Series of recipe e-books, my desire is to share with those thinking that healthy eating  is too much of a hassle – that it really is Insanely Simple!

In addition to blogging here at Fruitful Vine and being the administrator of the Fruitful Vine page on Facebook, I am also moderator of the Natural HS Mommas group on The Homeschool Lounge – a community for connecting mothers who homeschool their children.

In the past, I wrote Health and Wellness articles for  and for the Eating Well section of a site that is no longer functioning Living Well Moms.  Some of my articles can also be found at and Squidoo.

In a nutshell, I am here to help you live the vegetarian lifestyle with simple recipes, articles and resources.

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