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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Sunday

I love my life. This weekend hubby was preaching again at the Grandbay Pentecostal Church(Rhema Christian Centre). His parents accompanied us on this mission. We had a wonderful time at the service. The Spirit of God moved powerfully and the word yielded results and testimonies after the service. Visit Valerie Global Ministries blog to see pictures of the service. My brother Christopher came to the service and that was a blessing. After the service, one of the members blessed us with some plantains:

Then we took a different route to leave the village of Grandbay and went exploring. We ended up at a Cultural Centre and the boys got a lesson in Arts & Crafts.

We saw so many beautiful creative things, all of them handmade. Hand carved Sisserou parrot: The Sisserou parrot is our national bird, very colorful and very beautiful:

Old time iron that the old folks would put over hot coals and iron their clothes


Wooden clock frame

The gentleman who was there gave a history of the land that the centre occupies and allowed us to pick papaya from the trees in the yard. My hubby and father in law picking papayas with a long piece of wood:

On the way down through my old neighborhood where I grew up we met with one of my cousins and stopped by to visit with the family. While there we got to see the largest guavas I and the boys had ever seen. My cousins said that those were small compared to what they've already harvested in the past. Do you see the size of these in my hand? Just two of them covered my hand.. Usually the guavas I see are much smaller.

When we got home I prepared a light supper of oven-warmed flax-raisin-cornbread and a salad. That salad was a first for me. I used the traditional lettuce and tomatoes with olive oil, sea salt and a little sweetener but then I added a generous helping of sesame seeds and some crushed pine nuts. It was delish! The boys and hubby were raves about it.

In the evening we went to our home church for service. The presence of God was so rich as usual. The we had a young man whom the Senior Pastor is grooming bring the word that night. He is only 16yrs old which is just about the age my hubby surrendered to the call of ministry and began preaching also. Visit the Greater Cornerstone Baptist Church blog to see pictures of the service. So that was my Sunday.

My Monday was also awesome. Look out for the post about my Monday coming up tomorrow God willing.


  1. How can I say amen through mere words, and yet mean it with all my heart. :) AMEN!! What a great service you had both morning and evening. I loved how you shared this day with us. You really had a blessed Sunday in SO many ways.

    Thanks for sharing so much of your day with me. It brought me a huge smile.

  2. Hey PW
    I'm glad I could bring a smile to you today.


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