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Monday, June 29, 2009

When Children Are Messy

I receive regular emails from Focus on the Family on different topics. This week I received one that led me to an article on their site called Messiness.

The article gives tips on how to handle situations when your child is messy. The last tip made me smile because I used a similar strategy with my boys this past week. They have this habit of leaving their shelf in a slight disarray when they choose their clothes to wear. So, I fixed the shelf just the way it should be and just how I had taught and taught and taught them. Then I told them a bit later to look at their shelves. I told them that whenever I come into their room and meet one item of clothing out of order on their shelves they would have to remove everything on the shelf, put it on the floor or the bed and then put it all back on the shelf again. Well, so far they've been keeping it pretty neatly. I hope this lasts forever.

To read the entire article on the Focus on the Family website, click here - Messiness.

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