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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Preparedness posts moving

The Lord has been speaking to me for some time about decluttering my possessions and my life. I've been steadily working on the things that He would whisper to my spirit to do in order to simplify our lives as a family. This has been a true blessing as I obey his directions.

The next step in decluttering is my online presence. I've been led to close access to some of the other blogs I have and also to incorporate some of the others into this one. The BE PREPARED blog is the first one that I'm going to incorporate into this blog. I will be leaving the BE PREPARED blog up for reference but any new posts that I do in that subject area will be on this blog.

So bear with me as I transfer the preparedness posts over here. Over the next few weeks you will see many posts on that subject as I transfer them. I will be putting up a new tab at the top for easy access to those posts. I pray you would find them helpful but if you don't then just bear with me because someone else might find them helpful. Obedience is best in my humble opinion. When you follow the Lord and obey his directions there are untold blessings for both the obedient person and many others that we don't know of.

Thanks for your understanding my friends.

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