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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Today's Menu Plan 3

Here's my menu plan for today:

 Mango Banana Smoothie
Wholewheat bread
Cucumber & green herb salad
Red Beans
All Together Salad(taken from Insanely Simple! Salads)

Muesli & bananas

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  1. Girlfriend, where can I find Muesli..have been searching through the supermarkets, not a trace..

    Question: do you juice your smoothies or you make using a blender?

  2. Hi Mary,I saw muesli at the 7-11 in Canefield last night on our way home from Bible Study.  I haven't checked at Whitchurch or Astaphans lately because I make my own using the nuts and stuff I have on hand.  
    Regarding the smoothies I use a blender.  On my wish list is a good juicer and a dehydrator.

  3. Isn't it amazing how God provides in advance.  I just love it!

  4. Ok..only now seeing your response. I got to Whitchurch just in time yesterday to get two packs..they got some not much from a container a few days ago...this thing does not remain on the shelf. I love the Mornflakes Muesli because it containers no sugar, just oats, fruits and nuts.
    For my smoothies I use strictly a juicer so theirs no water added.

  5. Ok. Cool.  What do you do with the pulp from the juicing and where did you get your juicer?

  6. I throw the pulp away because it is sucked dry..sometimes based on the types of fruits the pulp is all mushy....My juicer has been sitting in the cupboard for years after I purchased it on sale at Courts. God knew I'd have use for it now it is overworked.


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