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Friday, May 21, 2010

Welcoming Logos Hope With A Bang!!!

The Logos Hope is here in Dominica. What is the Logos Hope? Well I'm glad you asked? (smile) The Logos Hope is a brand new ship in the fleet that Operation Mobilization uses to spread the gospel and sell books around the world. It is an exciting time right now for us Dominicans. We've been waiting for the ship to come for a number of years.

The ship sailed in on Tuesday afternoon about 3pm. For those of you who are my facebook friends you may have seen my status reflecting the grand time we had welcoming them. The children blew whistles, we shouted, waved balloons, waved flags, jumped, yelled, waved hands, played music and welcomed them on loud speakers. We all wore the colors of the flag, or national costume or something reflecting Dominica. Wanna see some pictures to at least feel like you were there? Here you go:

Can you see the small shadow on the horizon?  That's the ship coming in.

Our boys and their 8yr old cousin standing at the shore line looking at the ship sail in.

Me waving balloons

Can you see the Dominican flag headtie on my head?  Here is a closer view of it:

My hubby shouting, waving and wearing his flag in his sunglasses. He's so much fun! :)

We had a welcome sign as well.  Behind the welcome sign you will notice some colored sheets in plain green and stripes, stars etc., we painted a great big Dominican flag on poster board,

and then the flip side of the flag had a heart to reflect the Logos Hope vision for this island's visit -
The Heart of God at the Heart of the Nation. 

Hope you enjoyed being part of the welcome committee virtually. :)  There are many activities planned by the ship starting tomorrow.  I'll post a copy of the flyer in tomorrow's post, God willing.  If you can be there plan on being there.  If you can't please pray for us and the missionaries on board the ship as they minister in their various ways.


  1. LOL! Waiting is indeed a blessings at times.

  2. Girlfriend where's the flyer? Waiting.

  3. Waiting is a blessing at times. :)  Next day delivery babe.


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