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Friday, June 17, 2011

Aloe & Centipede Bites

Two mornings ago I got up early as usual and went into the living room to spend the early morning hour with the Lord.  When I do that it helps me accomplish much more during the day.  I had not been sitting on the futon more than five minutes when I felt something tickling my index toe on my left foot.  I thought it was just one of the mosquitoes so I used my other foot to brush it away without even looking.  But then I felt more wriggling and a nip.  So I brushed again and looked.  I felt another nip and saw a centipede wriggling away.  I jumped up and grabbed the nearest thing and hit it hard.  Needless to say it didn't survive.  Woohoo!
Anyway on with the point of this post.  My hubby had just brought home an aloe plant a week or so ago and in my usual research of the things we have I remember reading that aloe was good for burns, cuts, wounds and mosquito bites.  Of course this was no mosquito bite but I decided to try it anyway.  So I quickly retrieved a knife from the kitchen and ran outside.  I remember reading that when harvesting it is better to harvest the leaf near the bottom since it won't grow back and is more mature.  So I cut off a piece, squeezed the aloe gel onto my hurting toe and spread it on and around the hurting area.  I went back inside and sat down to pray and read the Bible.  All exaggeration aside in less than 5 minutes all pain was gone and my toe never swelled up.  In the past hubby had come up with a garlic & onion combination which worked pretty well.  But this took the cake.  I did not have to peel or grate anything, just cut and squeeze.  Praise God for Aloe! So there you have it:

Aloe is excellent for centipede bites.

After reading my whole escapade if you're up for reading more about what aloe can do here are a few other things it has been said to help with. For even more things you can visit the links at the end of this post.

1. Helps Heal Wounds
2. Soothes Burns
3. Minimizes Frostbite Damage
4. Screens Out Radiation
5. Heals Psoriasis Lesions
6. Eases Intestinal Problems
7. Reduces Blood Sugar in Diabetes
8. Reduces Arthritic Swelling
9. Curtailing HIV Infection
10. Nutritional Support for HIV Patients
11. Stimulates Immune Response Against Cancer
12. Benefits Lung Cancer
13. Skin rashes
14. Tendonitis
15. Sunburn
16. Varicose veins
17. Wrinkles
18. Moisturizes skin
19. Shrinks warts
20. Lessens the effects of shingles,,,


  1. I just used my Aloe plant this weekend when I burned  my arm on the oven while pulling out hot wings that were spilling everywhere! It works great! Hope you are doing well!!! Have an awesome weekend!

  2. OMgoodness, I always wondered if those things bite.  Thanks for that wonderful list of benefits of the Aloe plant. We have two in our kitchen window, we have used the gel for burns before. ;0)


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