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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Article by Carolyn Akens.

Sugar, Sugar! Do you remember the song Sugar by the Archies? (I am sure I dated myself with that question)...sugar, ah honey honey, you are my candy girl and you got me wanting you. Honey, ah sugar sugar, you are my candy girl and you got me wanting you. The song was released July 26, 1969, and was written by Jeff Barry and Andy Kim.

Here we are in 2011 and “sugar, sugar” still has us wanting it by epidemic proportions and the reason it is addictive because it is practically in everything we eat! Is your body a sugar shack? Are you aware that the average American consumes about 170 pounds of sugar a year. While the song Sugar was a hit. Sugar consumption is not when it's over-indulged. Remember, moderation is key.

The following are some amazing products that I use and I hope you try them. They are low on the glycemic index, most are gluten-free, some are raw and vegan, and most are approved for diabetic use. As with anything, do your own due dilgence.
  • Lakanto Sweetener - 
  • Coconut Nectar - 
  • Thai Coconut Sugar - 
  • Coconut Palm Sugar - http://bit.lyseTudd<

If you try any of these sweeteners, please let me know how you like them and the results.

Carolyn Akens is a Holistic Health Coach & Raw Food Educator that is known for her ability to coach women (and men) how to lose weight, how to detox, and how to stop cravings. Carolyn also trains and coaches Raw Chefs and Raw Instructors and teaches raw classes and workshops. Visit for your FR*EE gifts...How to Become a Skinny Mother or Grandmother, Raw Recipes, and Healing Foods!

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