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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Emergency Preparedness: Make A Plan

Every month sends an email with the focus of the month in helping us prepare.  This month the focus phrase is - Make A Plan.

Don't wait for an emergency or unforeseen event to happen and then for you to think of what you're going to do.  By then it will be too late.  Sit down with your family if they're interested. If they're not it's still no excuse to do nothing.  Sit down and think about possible scenarios for your part of the world and your life.

You may decide that you want to make sure you have enough food stocked up in case there is no longer any income.  You may decide that you're going to be well prepared for hurricane season starting in June. Do you need to figure out escape routes in case of a burglary or fire?  It's up to you but sit down and make a plan.  Decide what you're going to do and write down the steps to achieve your goal.

See more information on this month's focus on  Clicking on the image above will also lead you to some more emergency preparedness information.

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