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Monday, July 20, 2009

Preparedness - a few questions

Should you lose your source of income through illness or otherwise for 6 months, do you have enough non perishable food in your cupboards that you can live on for those 6 months until you get back on your feet?

If you received a reduction in your salary, could you still maintain the lifestyle you now have until you have succeeded in procuring additional income?

If any one in your family falls sick will you be able to say that I can allocate most of my non perishable food budget toward paying the medical expenses while I eat from my cupboard and not feel deprived of your normal way of eating?

Should a hurricane, tornado or other disaster hit your area, do you have enough water, food, fuel, supplies to keep you going until order is restored?

Let’s say the electricity company for some reason is unable to repair a fault in your area for an extended period. Are you prepared with light sources until such time as they are able to fix the problem? Or will you be one of those complaining and being irate because you are solely dependent on the electricity company?

Here’s another scenario: The water company has shut off water in your area for an extended period because somehow the water is contaminated. Do you have a back up plan or some water stored that you can use for bathing, washing dishes and some that you can boil to purify without having to put out your current cash that is not in your budget to buy water.

Do you have a portion of your budget no matter how small that is allocated to emergencies and emergency supplies?

Do you have a stash of small bills somewhere in your home in case of an emergency where banks are closed, ATMs are not functioning and because of those same reasons supermarkets have no change for large bills?

Do you have copies of all your important documents in a different location from your originals? Are your originals in a safe place?

Do you have some sort of food growing in your yard or in pots on your verandah? As I write this I have a small pot, nothing fancy with some thyme and some chives and some peppermint. I have not had to dish out the $5 for these items for a while now. You may not have time to cultivate a full scale garden but you can plant something in a pot and use the money that you would have spent on that thing, small though it may be to build up your food supplies.

These questions are to help us think our way to self-sufficient living. We as a people are too dependent on the system and have no idea how we will survive in difficult circumstances.

Think about it. Hopefully these preparedness posts will be of help to you in this area by triggering ideas of what you can do to make your family more self-sufficient and prepared for different situations that arise in this unpredictable world.

People may look at you as crazy, paranoid, and lacking faith but always remember and point them to the Bible. Use the following scriptures to encourage and defend you:

Genesis 41:1-57 focus: vs 29-32, 35+36, 53-57

Proverbs 6:6

1 Timothy 5:8

Proverbs 31:27


  1. Those are good suggestions. We try to follow this advice around our house.

  2. Thanks Pam. It's very good that you are trying to do this. I think it makes us better stewards of God's blessings in our lives.

  3. Great points! Even the ants prepare!

    I love how God gives us examples in the very nature around us. It would be wise of us to learn from them.

  5. All good suggestions. We are doing most of them. I was raised to always be prepared for anything and everything!

  6. Hi Carma,
    Thanks. That's awesome. I wish many more people would be more prepared.


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