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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Summer Vacation Budgeting with Debt Consolidation

Summer is here and for many families that means it is time for their annual summer vacation away from home. A time to get away from the normal and just have fun.

Many families save up towards such a rewarding time and others charge it on their credit cards or take loans with the intention of working hard to pay it off in the upcoming months. Quite a few families are fortunate enough to be able to pay it off with no serious repercussions.

On the other side of the spectrum we have other families who have had several setbacks be it illness, pay cut, automobile emergencies etc and they are unable to pay back the credit card companies or the loans they took.

Then there are the families who have never been able to take a vacation because of debts incurred from college, medical reasons, overspending etc. A number of reasons exist for the inability to take a vacation.

Whatever the circumstance you find yourself in this summer, it's quite possible that you would love to take a vacation. Your kids remember the time they went to that special place last year and would like to go again or your kids keep asking every year to go somewhere and the answer is a sad no. May I suggest something that might help? Debt Consolidation

Consolidated Credit would like to assist you in budgeting for a summer vacation trip. They offer free debt consultation with no commitment. Their Vacation Budgeting section is filled with useful information to assist you in making that summer vacation a reality for you and your family.

Consolidated Credit offers families a way to free themselves from the burden of debt through debt consolidation. Their home page contains links to information on Debt Management, Personal Finances, Housing Counseling and more.

While browsing through the site I found a wealth of information that I can't even begin to list in this post for the sheer quantity of it. There are free self-help links on topics like Understanding Financial Terms and Fair Debt Collection Practices. A couple of interactive courses and 40+ free booklets in their Debt Learning Center on a variety of topics such as Women and Money, Disaster Planning, Death of Your Spouse, Identity Theft and more is just a sampling of what Consolidated Credit offers.

So if you or a family you know is having a difficult time financially or just needs a little wiggle room in their finances to take that much needed vacation, debt consolidation just might be the answer.

Visit Consolidated Credit and let them help you and your family to:

* Lower your monthly payments
* Reduce your interest rates and late fees
* Avoid bankruptcy and rebuild your credit
* Learn better financial habits


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  2. Hi Jennifer
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