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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tidbits of my life

I'm not sure I shared this but a few weeks ago the Awana Bible Club had their closing ceremony. My son Judah came away with 4 prizes. Four! He got a prize for participation in the Awana Bible Quiz where he got all his answers correct. He got the Director's Award for most overall points for the entire club(that includes teenagers). He got Spark of the Year(that's the club he belongs to). And he got awarded as well for Leadership and Conduct in his club. It was an awesome time. I beamed from ear to ear.

The past week and a half have been pretty good. There was a sports camp last week for 6-16yr olds from 10am to 3pm. So my older son Judah who is 6 and my sister got to go. That left Jeremiah(5yr old) and I alone at home. The closing ceremony was on Friday and my son along with 3 others were chosen to give a speech. I am so proud of him.

On Thursday last week while my sister and Judah went to sports camp, my son Jeremiah went to the garden with his grandparents and my hubby went to town. I had a glorious few hours all alone. It was great. Since I am introvert by nature, times alone are needed for recharging. I don't get them very often and I was so glad for this time on Thursday. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

This week and for another 3 weeks after that there is another sports program put on by the Sports Division from 9am to 12noon. Jeremiah is able to go this time so this morning all three of them went and then my hubby went to the dentist in town and to do some errands. More alone time. Woohoo!

From Saturday until yesterday there was a whole lot of rain on the island. There was even a landslide and flooding in some areas. Hubby and I were at a wedding and our vehicle is down so we could not take pictures like last year when Hurricane Omar was in the area but here are a couple of You Tube videos showing an area in Massacre that flooded.

This is Part 1:

This is Part 2:

We have had our water shut off for a few days now since Saturday morning. At times the water company would let a trickle through because the water was dirty. It's been getting better but praise God for a rain barrel my landlords have and storage containers that I have at home for just such a purpose so the water shortage did not affect us too much except for the fact that our toilet flushing was at a minimum which was not a pretty smell, not gross it's just that I don't like any smell in my toilets but clean.

My hubby is having tooth issues today so I'm not sure we will make it to service tonight. Church is supposed to go to our sister church in Kingshill for the week of special services. I've not been able to go. Our ladies ministry planned on going on Monday night but because of the tremendous rain that outing was cancelled. It is much easier to go places if your vehicle is working. I am praying that the Lord comes through soon with the parts we need to get it up and running.

So that's the update on my life for now. Take care and God bless. Oh one more thing I have a prayer request. The digital camera that the Lord blessed me with during my trip to St. Thomas a few months ago is acting up. Please pray that it would be rectified. I am missing so many moments that I would like to capture for memories. In the meantime I will post some past pictures in later posts.

Catch y'all later and thanks for praying for hubby's tooth issues and my camera situation.


  1. Wow! Had no idea how bad the rain situation was...thank you for sharing!


  2. My son finished Awana earlier this summer. There was an Awana olympics and his team won. I was recording video of him doing the tug of war on a circular rope, and I recorded him winning it. Then I tried to go through my pictures and videos and started erasing some to make more room on my memory card. Unfortunately, I erased the tug of war win by mistake. Oh, that stung.
    Your floods seem to stop the city! Thanks for the videos. Blessings to all.

  3. Hi Nubian Queen,
    When it is hurricane season we find that happening from time to time. In other seasons even if it rains heavily it does not normally result in flooding or landslides. Please pray for the islands and all those who experience the hurricane season like New Orleans and Florida etc. Thanks.

    Hi Jessica,
    Congratulations on your son's win. So sorry about losing the memory of it. Yep, when it floods like this during hurricane season people flock for miles just to witness the event. We Dominicans like 'action' as we call it. During other seasons it does not normally flood like this though. Thanks for the blessings.

  4. I'm giggling at your post because Friend Hubby and I had a conversation tonight remembering when My Diva, who is now 17, got ready to throw a major fit about a decade ago because she thought she should have gotten the Sparkie of the Year award for being the cutest Spark! Yes, I'm serious. We have had serious vanity issues with this one. Congratulations to your Sparkie of the Year. I'm sure he didn't get it by JUST being cute (although I'm sure he is very cute).

    I hope your hubby is healed of his tooth issues soon.


  5. I didn't know all the rain was going on in your area. Prayers and blessings to you.

    P.S. Judah is on it..Congratulations on a job well done MR. Judah! :)

  6. Hi Donalacasa
    LOL! Now that made me smile too. Thank you for the congratulations and well wishes for hubby's tooth. He was in pain all night:(

    Hi Evelyn
    Thanks for your prayers and blessings. I will pass on your congratulations to Judah. Thanks.


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