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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Women's Fashion & Beauty

Women's fashion these days seem to run the gamut from decent to downright - "Are you kidding me?"  I personally don't take note of the trends to determine what to wear or not to wear.  I choose my clothes based on how I feel and how it looks on me.

There are many however who are interested in the latest fashion trends.  Their whole life is governed by what the celebs are wearing and what the latest look is.  I say to each their own in that arena.  That being said I still think that it's a good thing to at least from time to time take a look-see at what is happening in women's fashion these days.  Putting one's head in the sand and acting like the rest of the world does not exist is no way to live.

I came across this website on women's fashion a couple of days ago that has all the latest information on women's lifestyle.  They have sections on
  1. Fashion - where they showcase outfits by top designers in the fashion industry with links to purchase them.
  2. News - this is where they let everyone know what the latest is in the fashion, beauty, celebrities and lifestyles with videos and pictures thrown in as visual aids.
  3. Shop - all the best brands and pieces that are sought after with different ranges in price.
  4. People - this section is all about community. Designers, stylists and anyone can join in the conversation.
  5. Sales - who doesn't like a sale.That's what you'll find in this section.
  6. Tv - Behind the scenes episodes of the latest goings on in the fashion arena with info on many people's favorite icons can be found here.
Now if you're less into fashion and more into beauty, makeup, hairstyles and that sort of thing and talking about beauty makes you all excited then you'll enjoy the link in this paragraph which is about all things beauty related. 

For the newcomers to my blog, this post is different than what you normally see but long time readers know that from time to time I post about topics that may be totally unrelated to the main topics.  So enjoy the change from the norm and click on the links in this post as a bit of diversion and keeping up on the latest fashion trends and for the beauty enthusiasts who enjoy delving into the world of beauty enjoy finding more things about beauty to add to your beauty repertoire.


  1. That was a fun post! I think we all need a distraction from the "ordinary" in our lives sometimes. At least it's a distraction (and not ordinary) for me!

  2. Great post! I am not much of a fashion person and I wear things I feel comfortable wearing. I do enjoy looking at pretty clothes from time to time though.

  3. So true Alyssa. Thanks for being here.

  4. Hi Johanna,

    Me too!  I enjoy looking at pretty things.  I enjoy wearing pretty things too but I have to be comfortable or it doesn't make sense.

  5. I like your tips . I like to wear fashionable and I feel comfortable wearing. I look at pretty things.

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