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Monday, May 17, 2010

My Menu Plan

On Saturday as I sat to do my menu planning I sent out a plea for help on Facebook.

I got some very helpful responses and links and a request to share. When we have cooked meals I attempt to sneak a little raw in as in the case of this morning's breakfast(I added raisins and shredded coconut) or I make the snacks raw.  With lunch generally half of the plate will have the salad of the day which brings the percent of that meal to about 50% raw.  I am working on increasing our raw intake as I mentioned before to about 75-85%.  Some days have little raw and other days have more raw and others have about 50% raw.  I am not running a race or in a competition so I steadily work on my ultimate goal and don't beat myself up if the raw is little on any given day. 

So without a little further ado here's my menu plan.  I will not be posting the whole plan for the week at once but one day at a time.  Why?  Because it's my blog and I can if I want to. LOL!  The real reason is that I am still working on the later days of the week and also I like spontaneity in the kitchen so the plan might change depending on what food comes into the house that may need to be consumed right away.

Here's today's menu.  I might add pictures if I get the opportunity to take pictures.

Cooked cornmeal porridge with raisins & shredded coconut

Banana/Walnut/Coconut Mix

Leftover yellow rice
Baked potatoes
Baked christophene(recipe courtesy Mary via Facebook)
Lettuce, avocado & bell pepper salad
Whole wheat bread with raw plantain spread
Banana oat smoothie

Not sure if I'll do this every week but enjoy this peek into our eating plan while it lasts. :) 

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