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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ease Your Headaches & 24 Plus Health Benefits of Cherries

Cherries!  Yummy cherries!!!

Hubby got to cleaning the cherry tree next door.  After snipping and snipping and snipping the dead branches off, he was blessed with an awesome harvest.  He shared with the family downstairs and the rest are in my freezer.

Did you know that cherries are good for reducing headaches?  I don't normally get headaches but it's good to know these things so that I can help others reduce their chemical intake.  Cherries also helps prevent hair loss and dental problems and so much more.  No wonder it's been labeled a 'super food'.  Below is a massive list of 24 plus benefits of cherries followed by the vitamins, minerals and nutrients found in the mighty cherry.

Health Benefits of Acerola Cherries

  1. Immune enhancing
  2. Helps the growth and repair of tissue,
  3. Aids in the production of anti-stress hormones
  4. Important role in the human metabolism
  5. Protects against the harmful effects of pollution
  6. Helps to prevent cancer
  7. Helps to protect against infection
  8. Increases the absorption of iron
  9. May reduce cholesterol levels
  10. Helps high blood pressure
  11. Helps to prevent arthrosclerosis.
  12. Essential to aid collagen formation
  13. Protects against blood clotting and bruising
  14. Promotes the healing of wounds and burns
  15. Elevates the mood
  16. Regulates heart function
  17. Strengthen the liver
  18. Improve the skin
  19. Prevents abnormal growth
  20. Fights cellular aging
  21. Helps with dysentery
  22. Helps with diarrhea
  23. Improves vision
  24. Reduces the risk of cataracts and other eye problems
  25. Protects newborns against developement of mental retardation and debilitating diseases
  26. Low in calories and therefore good for the weight conscious
  27. Prevents skin discoloration and wrinkles
  28. Reduces blood sugar levels
Those 27 plus what I mentioned before makes cherries an overall power packed food.  Makes you want to eat nothing else.  But of course we strive for balance in everything that's why the good Lord placed all the other foods on earth for us to enjoy.

Vitamin & Minerals in Acerola Cherries

The amounts below are for 1 cup.
Key: Vitamin/Mineral - Quantity - %RDA

Vitamin A - 752IU - 15%
Vitamin C - 1644mg - 2740%
Thiamin - 0.0mg - 1%
Riboflavin - 0.1mg - 3%
Niacin - 0.4mg - 2%
Vitamin B - 60.0mg - 0%
Folate - 13.7mcg - 3%
Pantothenic Acid - 0.3mg - 3%
Calcium - 11.8mg - 1%
Iron - 0.2mg - 1%
Magnesium - 17.6mg - 4%
Phosphorus - 10.8mg - 1%
Potassium - 143mg - 4%
Sodium - 6.9mg - 0%
Zinc - 0.1mg - 1%
Copper - 0.1mg - 4%
Selenium - 0.6mcg - 1%

Look out for some amazing raw cherry recipes on Thursday God willing.

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