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Monday, June 21, 2010

Treating Wrinkles With Plantains & Other Health Benefits

Plantains are in abundance here.  It is cultivated year round.  This means that in our home we eat raw ripe plantains just about daily unless we have none.  Plantains are similar to banana with the exception that when cooked they remain firm whereas ripe bananas are mushy when cooked.  Plantains can be eaten green as a starchy food or ripe.  As I continue to explore raw foods I found that ripe plantains are delicious when eaten raw.  I asked around and found that many of the islanders expecially those in the country areas have been eating them raw.  Talk about another lightbulb moment.  In fact I've even included them in my Insanely Simple Salads Ebook with more recipes to come in the future.

As regular readers of my blog know, I love finding out what nutrients are in the foods we consume and what their health benefits are.  I was stunned to find out that one can treat wrinkles with a paste made using plantains.  I don't have any wrinkles to try it out on but that was an interesting find.  Click on the link in the list of benefits below to get the recipe and be sure to come back and share if it works.  As a matter of fact you can click any of the links to get more information or recipes dealing with that particular thing.  God's natural foods are so potent!  Alleluia!!!  So without any further ado here are my findings on the health benefits of plantains:
  • Plantains boosts kidney health, sexual functions in men
  • Plantains are excellent at promoting digestion.
  • Plantains will help your body retain more calcium, phosphorous and nitrogen … which will help rejuvenate your healthy tissues.
  • The sugar in plantains can easily be metabolized and digested by your body.
  • Plantain skin can aid in healing warts, poison ivy and bruises
  • Plantains contain high levels of vitamin A, potassium, calcium, iron and fiber.
  • Plantains will do wonders at keeping you regular and will relieve you from constipation.
  • Plantains are low in sodium.
  • Plantains can help alleviate skin allergies
  • Plantains don’t contain ANY cholesterol!
  • Plantains (and yellow bananas) are an essential food for anyone suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) because they contain natural mood enhancers … so eat more plantains during winter months when the daylight is shorter and shorter.
  • Plantains can be used to treat wrinkles

Vitamin A - 1818 I.U.
Vitamin C - 21.8 mg
Vitamin E (Alpha Tocopherol) - 0.3 mg
Vitamin K - 1.4 mcg
Niacin - 1.5 mg
Vitamin B6 - 0.5 mg
Folate - 52.0 mcg
Pantothenic Acid - 0.5 mg
Choline - 25.4 mg


Calcium - 4.0 mg
Iron - 1.2 mg
Magnesium - 64.0 mg
Phosphorus - 56.0 mg
Potassium - 930 mg
Zinc - 0.3 mg
Copper - 0.1 mg
Selenium - 2.8 mcg

Amazing isn't it?  Please do share any other uses you've found for plantains.  I would love to know.  Look out tomorrow God willing for raw and other plantain recipes.,,,

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  1. Hi Sasha,Thanks. I can attest to having a voracious appetite as well. LOL! Thanks for commenting.

  2. Fantastic tips! I confess to having a voracious appetite, I can't really guarantee myself to have a regular diet of plantains to combat wrinkles. I do however make up for the loss by using a trusted safe and effective organic eye cream to fight this dreaded sign of aging.

  3. Wrinkles were a major problem for my mom as well. They made her look tired and unattractive. To eliminate them, she had a skin tightening procedure. It really helped her reduce all these annoying wrinkles. Because of this reason, she warmly recommends this treatment!

  4. Bananas are also proven to be very useful on a diet plan and can prevent pimples because of the vitamins it have. Recently I've been using an organic anti wrinkle cream product which had been pretty effective for me.


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