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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

You Say Too

This is a post about a site called You Say Too.  From what I gathered on the site, it's a community that among other things offers revenue sharing to its members.  Members are allowed to create their own blogs, start discussions, much like many of the online communities out there.  I don't know about all of the online communities out there but this one was different to me in that it allowed members to upload games as well.

While exploring, I found a diverse range of topics and subjects like one about a new hotel Dubai that has 28 floors and cost about US$350 million dollars.  I'm not much into online games but saw one about monkey defense.

There was this interesting article about Baby Morphing, a program where you can make your future baby.  Well, not really make the baby but it helps future parents see what their baby might look like based on their pictures or you can take one photo and mix it with a celebrity's photo to see the result.  I guess when I want to kill time on the net just goofing around for relaxation that might be an interesting experiment.

Not much point to this post.  Just saying.

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