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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Emergency Preparedness

I've not posted anything for a while on Emergency Preparedness. I know - shame on me. In light of the active hurricane season we are experiencing this year as well as all the other natural disasters we are seeing taking place all around the world - earthquakes, floods etc, I'm once again resuming my postings on Emergency Preparedness and Food Storage.

There are many sites with such helpful information that can help us in our journey to be as best prepared as we can be. We do what we can and leave the rest to God. There are many scriptures pointing us to the importance of being prepared. A few examples that come to mind are beautifully displayed on the buttons below.




Even though many areas are in the middle of hurricane season, it is not too late to do something to prepare.  Be like the ant and not like the foolish man in the scriptures above.  To get your minds moving in the right direction, my question to you today is in the area of food storage.  As you answer let your mind go forward to ways you can prepare using this question as a springboard.

How long can you survive with the food and stored water you currently have?
1 - 3 days
4 days - 1 week
2 weeks - 1 month
2 months - 6 months
6 months - 1 year

Many question what you will do with all the food you have stored. People can't comprehend what events would necessitate having to use food storage. Here are three events where food storage would be useful:

1) Losing a job: When one loses all or part of their income flow they will be dependent on their food storage. If you have food set aside for a long period of time, this will definitely aid in reducing the stress that might be felt with lack of an income flow.

2) During and shortly after a natural disaster: If you have at least a two weeks worth of food and water stored, you should be fine during the period right after the natural disaster. You would not have to worry what would happen if the supermarkets cannot open their doors immediately.

3) Daily meals: If you store what you eat then you will be eating from your food storage as a normal part of your life. You can replenish when the items are on sale and save quite a bit of money. Just rotate your foods when you buy them putting the recently purchased items in the back and using from the front.

We will go into more food storage details and other aspects of preparation as time goes on.  In the meantime feel free to browse my previous articles in the Food Storage/Preparedness section of this blog.

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  1. Hi,
    I came across your blog today and have really enjoyed the suggestions and tips you've provided in your preparedness/food storage section. Thanks for sharing! I look forward to visiting again soon.

  2. Great reminder and information. I am not that good with keeping a food storage. I know I need improvements in that area. We have some bad weather here too sometimes, and as you mentioned, a great resource if unemployment hits. I really need to start buying and canning my own emergency foods, since I try to avoid processed food. However, I realize in an emergency the focus is to survive...

    Thanks for the reminder..My goal will be to stock up on as healthy food as possible for emergencies..


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