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Monday, November 8, 2010

Spotlight On Health - Become A Healthier You

Every week Fruitful Vine brings to you a healthy living site/blog to help you as you strive to live a healthier life.  Today the spotlight shines on Evelyn Parham of Become A Healthier You

Evelyn Parham is originally from Tennessee but lives in Georgia with her husband and daughter.  She has a passion to help others achieve optimal health.  Her primary forums for pursuing that passion are her blog: Become A Healthier You, her internet radio show: Control The Fork, Facebook and her You Tube Channel.

Evelyn and I have been online buddies for quite a while now.  She has been a guest poster here on Fruitful Vine before writing on the topic - Do Raw Fooders Get Enough Protein.  It has really been a blessing to see her grow as she builds her blog.  She covers Healthy Lifestyles, Recipes, Blogging and more on her site.

Here is a sample of one of the recipes she's posted, a delicious looking recipe for The Best Dairy-Free Cheese Cake.

You will find many interesting and informative healthy living posts like the one on how to Eliminate the Symptoms of Fibroid Tumors Naturally. Visit Evelyn at Become A Healthier You and if you're on Twitter you can follow Evelyn there as well.

Next week another blogger with a healthy living site/blog. Take care.

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  1. Jo's Health CornerDecember 19, 2012 at 8:37 AM

    Evelyn has a great site! I have to check out the cheesecake recipe..Heading over there right now...

  2. Yes she does.  Enjoy your visit over there.

  3. Hi Jennifer,

    Thank you for adding me to your spotlight on health series.

    You were probably one of the first people I connected with in the world of blogging. I feel like we are family. :)

    Have a wonderful day and thanks again. If there is anything, I can do for you, you know what to do. :)

    P.S. You're always welcome to guest post.

    Take care,


  4. Hi Evelyn,
    It's my pleasure.  You're worth promoting.  I am glad we got connected.  Keep up the good work.


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