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Friday, October 5, 2012

13 Health Benefits of Dandelion

Many times dandelion is looked upon as an ordinary weed and a nuisance. A nuisance because it spreads very easily due to the fact that it’s light and is easily wind-borne.

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However dandelion is a super herb. It may taste bitter but is excellent for many different reasons. Dandelion can be consumed in a salad, as part of your sandwich, in a soup or steeped and drank as a medicinal tea. Both the root and leaf have been known to be used and both have their own health giving properties.

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The following benefits may be derived from the Dandelion:

  1. Helpful in liver ailments
  2. Stimulates the system 
  3. Helps with urinary tract health 
  4. Can be used with kidney disorders 
  5. Helps stimulate appetite 
  6. Helpful in nausea 
  7. Has been used to treat gallstones 
  8. Aids in eczema 
  9. Helps to remove warts 
  10. Aids in detoxificaton 
  11. Rich in iron and calcium
  12. Excellent for blood cleansing
  13. Aids digestion 
Dandelion is safe to give to children. We have used dandelion as a family when we needed a blood cleansing. Remember to check with a herbalist or natural health doctor for the dosage and parts of the plant needed if you’re seeking to treat a particular ailment. Otherwise feel free to use dandelion greens in salads or soups and even smoothies.

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