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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Become A Vegetarian - Step 2 (7Steps) - Video

So you want to become vegetarian. In this 2nd video in the 7 Steps To Become A Vegetarian series I'll be giving you Step number 2.
Enjoy and feel free to post your questions and feedback below this post in the comments section.

If you are unable to view this video click here - Step 2 To Become A Vegetarian - to go directly to the video page.

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For God's Glory!


  1. Good step! I wish I could go vegan but I don't think I ever could. Love my cheese and eggs and dairy too much - even though I know there's gross stuff about them. lol

  2. That's a great tip. Shopping wise and/or eating out it's easiest to start out being Pesco Ovo Lacto. That's how I gave myself time to learn how to prepare new foods without having to completely alter everything at once.

  3. Sure you can. Hmmm that could be our next challenge ... as I'm in the throes of going vegan but haven't yet fully committed.

  4. Great suggestions Jennifer! Loved seeing you outdoors and hearing the wind. Can't wait to see more of your island in the future promised video! :)

  5. I don't do dairy anymore but I love eggs and at this point I'm not thinking of becoming vegan either. I can do anything I make up my mind to do but this is not one of them. lol

  6. You're so right Minna. Babysteps is the way that most people can succeed in this eating change without it being too overwhelming.

  7. Minna! I'm definitely not up for that challenge. I love eggs and fish! lol

  8. No problem. I remember my love of eggs and cheese and fish and ... *sigh* yeah that's where that commitment comes into it.


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