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Friday, August 24, 2007

Today was a wonderful day.

I corresponded via email with one of my favorite bloggers, Amy over at

One of our friends from Jamaica spent most of the day at home with us. She is a delightful single young woman who loves the Lord. It was great to spend that time with her.

Dolph was at church for the morning and then he went to the school to continue helping with preparations for school start on Monday. On Monday it's back to the school for him. I will miss having him around but it was a good summer.
After he came from the school he went to St. John on the ferry to do his usual Friday afternoon thing and then came home. The boys and I got ready to go with him to the school for the opening meeting with parents. It was interesting sitting there listening to the principal and my husband speak about the school and the expectations and rules for the upcoming year as well as the changes. If we had to send the boys to school I would definitely send them to this school because they use the ACE program which is the same I use with the boys at home. It is an excellent program.

After the meeting we went for a drive. It was wonderful. We drove to Magens Bay and on the way we stopped, turned off the engine and just sat there listening to the sounds of the crickets and other insects. Lovely sounds of nature. Then we continued on to the beach and sat there listening to the waves. Pure bliss.

We are home now and I am writing this post, then I am going to check the kitchen and do any final cleaning up that needs to be done and then to bed.

Be fruitful and multiply. Multiply what the Lord has given you and glorify Him

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