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Friday, September 7, 2007

Funny, at least to me!

Here's a funny one. I am sitting here at the computer doing some training with Quixtar University online and here comes 4yr old saying "Mammy,(in a cheerful tone) Jerry's hand is tangled." Now I'm thinking why are you so cheerful if your brother's hand is tangled so I ask "Tangled?". He says yes. So I get up quickly to go see what this 3yr old got himself tangled up in. As I get up, into the office comes 3yr old stretching out his hand. So now I'm puzzled and relieved thinking that he got himself untangled. He says "Mammy look my hand is tangled". So now I am really puzzled because there are no strings attached nothing whatsoever. Then he uses his other hand and points out the lines on his hand to me. That's when I realized that they were calling the wrinkles tangled.(LOL) Apparently he had been (according to him) cleaning my door for me and because of the long time spent in the water his hand got wrinkled. So then I of course being the diligent homeshooling mother(smile) went into a 30-45 second lesson about wrinkles and how staying in the water for a long time causes them. The 4yr promptly jumps up and says I'm going to get my hand wrinkled. Only a four year old could see something good about getting wrinkles. Here we are trying our best as adults to keep them away and grow old gracefully and he is excited about them. Anyway just wanted to share my funny to me story with you. Laugh with me, chuckle with me, ok just a smile? The fun of being home with my kids to hear the things that they say.

Be fruitful and multiply. Multiply what the Lord has placed in your hands and glorify Him.

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