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Saturday, September 8, 2007

More snippets of my week

Sunday's lunch and Monday's as well - Lentils, curried rice, christophene casserole, tossed salad with bananas(bananas compliments of my sweet hubby), the little bowl is guavas(again compliments of my sweet hubby. Do you see Amy's apron hanging over the fire extinguisher against the wall on my hubby's left. Thanks again Amy.

Inspired by Amy at - a Labor Day apron sewing project. My husband has the experience of his mother's sewing in his brain so he was a tremendous help to this amateur who only has the experience of sewing throw pillows.

My climbing 4yr old on the playground which is right downstairs of the building where I took the young lady for her skin care session on Wednesday.

My 4yr old and the young lady's little girl.

I didn't get a picture of my 3yr old.

That's all I think.
Be fruitful and multiply. Multiply what the Lord has put in your hands and glorify Him.

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