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Monday, March 2, 2009

42 - Preparation

In preparation for 42, the boys and I set out to town on Friday to conquer the world of fruits and vegetables.

My first stop was to visit my mentor in my youth, Sis Janet Davis - a lovely woman of God who led me to Christ and taught me about God and gave sound advice when I needed it, when I wanted to hear and when I didn't want to hear. In crusades, in fastings, in witnessing, in prayer marches, in everything she took me with her and poured her life into me.

She works at what was once the only Christian bookstore on the island - CLC.
The bookstore is just up the street from Scotia Bank.
After chatting with her for a little while the boys and I continued. Here are some of the sights, sounds and happenings. The boys and I refreshed ourselves with some coconut water at the market about 3/4 way through our shopping expedition:

One of the stalls at the market:
Another stall:
This is on the roadside in town. On Fridays and Saturdays there are vendors everywhere not only in the market.
Another roadside vendor outside of the Courts building. Courts is one of the major appliance, electronics stores here.
There was a cruise ship in one of the ports. This picture was taken while we were on our way home on the bus:
Sights along the way on the bus ride home:

Our loot from the shopping trip :
Sweet potatoes
String beans
Peppers:(I did the unthinkable. I did not ask the lady whether they were seasoning peppers or hot peppers. Turned out they were hot so now I have to find someone to give them away to.)
Grapes(too expensive to get more thatn what you see here. That little package cost me $8.34(ouch!) I bought it because the boys were hungry and I had not brought any bananas with me(cookies and biscuits were not an option)
Frozen mixed vegetables:
Carambola fruit(also called star fruit because when you cut into it the shape is star like)

Christophene:Carrots:(I'm not sure I got enough but I have some in the fridge already)
The whole shebang:
Thank God for our days of living in New Orleans and being Sam's Club members. This bag from Sam's Club never knew it would have been used in such a way:
When we got home I gave the boys some grapes and cut up a carambola for them. The extra ripe carambolas are sweet and can be eaten as is, otherwise it is used for juice. For lunch I prepared steamed string beans, steamed carrots and warmed some leftover lentils and chicken gravy.

For supper I did a smoothie with bananas, a little water, some oats, vanilla essence and almond essence (no sugar). That was yummy. My 5yr old only likes clear drinks so he was less than enthusiastic but did drink some.

Well, that's it for now. In my next post we are going to talk about 'The Last Breakfast'.


  1. As a displaced Canuck i must say that i was surprised to see a Scotia bank there! LOL Those veg look so good! I'm jealous that you ahve access to great fresh fruits adn veg. :)

  2. Hi there 'displaced Canuck'! You're welcome anytime to come over and enjoy some of this with me.

  3. I just love this posts! It take me back to the days in my homeland when we would travel to the market and buy fresh veggies & fruit. Or buy treats & fresh made snacks on the sides of the streets. Or stroll the town courtyard on Sundays and eat "fresco" (ice cones) or ice cream. Awwwwww...good times. :)

    I love the scroll bar with the buttons on your left sidebar. How did you make it?

  4. When I lived overseas I missed those times too Q. Now we are back home I'm definitely enjoying the moments. I'll send you an email with the code for the scrolling buttons.


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