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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Become A Vegetarian - Step 1 (7 Steps) - Video

So you want to become vegetarian. In this series of videos I'll be giving you 7 Steps To Become A Vegetarian. Enjoy and feel free to post your questions and feedback below this post in the comments section.

If you are unable to view this video click here - Step 1 To Become A Vegetarian - to go directly to the video page.

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  1. Totally agree! It's different for everyone. For some it's health, for others it's animals, for some it's saving money, etc. For me? I just grossed myself out thinking about eating flesh. Made me feel yucky. But later I embraced the health and monetary savings. You'd be surprised how much you save when you don't eat fried chicken, burgers and fried dish anymore. LOL!

  2. Great video! I became a vegetarian many years ago and knowing WHY I wanted to stop eating meat was the only way I was able to get through the hardships. You're giving up food you're used to eating, you may have unsupportive family... knowing why will get you through that. I was 12 when I made the decision and it was about animals, but as I got older I saw more and more benefits and there's no way I'd turn back now.

  3. Loving your vlogs! I am a vegetarian and I did it because of the animals. It's a really big reason why, and it works really well to stop me caving in when I get so tempted. I have been tempted quite a bit, but for me it's worth not giving in because it's so important to me.

  4. Oh yes! I can tell you about the savings! Some people who need extra cash should just cut down their meat consumption a bit if they can't do it totally and see the difference in their cash flow.

  5. That's awesome Amanda. 12yrs old?! Wow. That is an awesome testimony.

  6. Thank you. It's good to have a strong why. This is so important. For you and many others it's the animals. For others it's health challenges or to prevent health challenges. A strong why is so important. Good for you! Kudos on having your why Ruth.

  7. Great advice Jennifer! I'm not a vegetarian, but the why is such an important part of making these types of big decisions. If you're not solid on your why, then it's easy to get derailed.

  8. Thanks Tiffiney. You're so right. It is very easy to go off track when you don't have a solid why.

  9. Peace and blessings Jenn, I totally agree with you and I am glad you stressed the point. I am a vegan, and previously I was a vegetarian. This is a lifestyle, and to sustain the lifestyle we need solid reasons to want to adopt this lifestyle and to be successful at it. I love being healthy and energetic, and I don't like feeling mentally or physically sluggish. I used to eat meat and gradually removed it from my diet over the years. I think it is also important to have a plan, to gain education from other people who are on the same journey and learn the pitfalls and how to be strong. After you get over the hump, and get past the period where the body may crave for what is has been used to getting (even though it was harmful to the body) the healthy living gained from the plant based foods will keep you on the path.

  10. Thank you so much for your input. Learning from others is so very important and we'll get into that as we go along in the series because it is very very important to educate yourself especially in such a life-changing decision.

  11. I am not a vegetarian. I have tried to become a vegetarian but it didn’t work. Thanks Jennifer, your advice encourages me.


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