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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tips for Wives - Be Creative/Simplify

Sometimes in marriage a little creativity is in order for intimacy to be possible especially when there are young children in the family.

From time to time I(Lori) get an email from someone who feels they don't have the time to implement many of the tips (it's especially tough for moms of little ones). Realize that the generous tips are designed to give you a pool of ideas to use. If you cannot do the exact tip, give it a bit of thought to see if you can alter the tip to work for you (some seasons of life require more creativity than others). You don't have to do all the tips. They are there to inspire you in finding creative ways to bless your husband.

Having a day in the buff with your husband may not be possible, but making the bedroom a no clothes zone might be (hang a robe by the door). Going out to dinner may be nearly impossible, but sharing a late night snack after the kids are down is doable. Take the theme of the tip and see how it can be shaped to work for you.

If you have little ones, I encourage you to develop a set bedtime that is early enough to give you and your husband some couple time in the evening. Swap babysitting with another mom (and those of you with grown children might pray about offering to babysit for a young mother so that she can have some time with her husband, what a precious gift to offer another woman).

The other thing to consider (and this is for all of us) is that, generally speaking, we are all too busy. It may be time to carefully consider your obligations and choices and simplify life a bit so that you have more time for relationships, especially time for your husband. It's a personal call, but keep in mind that a relationship is generally as strong as the amount of effort and time that you put into it.

Nourish your marriage.

The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak. 
Hans Hoffman

Be generous! Lori
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  1. This sounds great! My husband and I are having a date weekend starting tomorrow night b/c my parents are taking my kids for the weekend. Yay! We all need couple time from time to time.

  2. What a blessing!  Enjoy your couple time this weekend.


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