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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tips for Wives - Collections

Shared hobbies bring people together because of the common interest.

My(Jennifer) husband and I used to collect mugs from the various places we visited.  I am working toward an uncluttered type of lifestyle but since relationships are important this might be worth a restart or maybe we could choose something digital to collect instead.  Read on to find out what Lori's tip is today.

My(Lori) husband just bought me the cutest salt and pepper shaker set. They look like Rubik cubes. My(Lori) son and I have a Pez collection (candy dispensers) and my husband has quite the collection of green M&M characters.

I'm not big on spending major bucks for things we don't need, but having a collection or two has opened the door to some great moments of quality time together as we searched for new additions (and made gift giving easy at times).

I encourage y'all to start a collection with your husband. It doesn't have to be expensive. You can collect movie ticket stubs (they make interesting collages), salt and pepper shakers, or spoons. You can collect over a common hobby or interest (like collecting books about hymns or pictures of old lighthouses). Just open the door to some fun times looking for something new for your collection.

Often the search proves more profitable than the goal. E.L. Konigsburg

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