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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tips for Wives - Stop, Look and Listen

I am sometimes guilty of doing just what Lori shares today. I need to do better.

I(Lori) have gotten into a very bad habit lately.  My(Lori) husband will walk into the room and talk to me and I(Lori) don't stop what I'm doing to listen.  What that means practically is that I don't really hear what he is talking about (and that leads to all kinds of misunderstandings) and I'm not really showing him respect.  He is far more important that anything I'm doing (he's polite and waits to get my attention and he would understand if I was embroiled in any real kind of emergency).

So learn from my bad.  Next time your husband speaks to you, stop what you are doing, look up and really give him the attention he deserves.

The first duty of love is to listen.  
Paul Tillich

Be generous!  Lori
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