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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Homeschool Field Trip to Trafalgar, Wotten Waven and more

A couple of weeks ago we had the opportunity to host a visiting sister in Christ who lives on St. Thomas. The Thursday before she left we took the opportunity to pick her up and take her to a couple of places and to give the boys a field trip and education in nature. Here are some pics of our field trip:

Walking down the trail from the Trafalgar Falls:

Our younger son was very interested in the different types of leaves found on the trail.  I had to give him a bag to hold them all when they got to the car.

Our older son did a little bit of collecting too.

Can you tell he's having a good time?  I think the sun might have been in his eye there causing him to have that sour expression.  LOL!  They did enjoy it but I had to show this expression because it was funny to me.

Our older son testing the temperature of the sulphur water coming from the rocks:

The Trafalgar Falls.  These pictures of the falls were taken by our sons.  We are also teaching them photography.  I think they did pretty well, don't you?  Those are twin falls.  If you notice one is smaller than the other.  We were not able to get them both in one picture because of the distance between them and where we were at the time.  I really need a camera.  The blackberry is limited in what it can do.

Then we went to Wotten Waven where our guest and the boys got to experience the boiling sulphur pool.  It is right next to this sign.  It is said that this pool is so hot you can cook food in it. It certainly looked so with the steam coming from it and we could actually see the water boiling.  Hubby threw a rock in it one time and the rock came right back out because the water was boiling furiously.  Sorry we did not take a picture of it.  Funny faces again.

At Wotten Waven the boys got to see turtles.  The turtles were being fed things like watermelon, ripe banana.  Those are some healthy turtles.  :)

They got to see birds feeding on a locally made feeder.  The guy who was standing next to it explained to them what was happening:

They got to see the tree and fruit where the coffee beans come from:

I took a picture of this but I'm not sure what it is.  Does anybody have a clue?

Then of course you know we had to go to Screw's Spa.  Anyone who is visiting with us gets taken there unless something extreme prevents it.

Here's our older son enjoying the massage under the falling sulphur water:

Both of the boys enjoying the water close to the man's mouth.  Can you imagine bathing in someone's saliva?  LOL!  Just kidding obviously!  LOL!

Hubby caught me unexpectedly.  What do you know I'm actually in one of the pictures.  You know how it is.  If you're the one taking pictures not many of them include you.  So there's proof that I was there.  HA!

We also took our guest to see the church in Morne Prosper where we minister.  By the way have you seen the site I created for the church yet or visited our Facebook page.  No?  Then you need to!  Here are the links - Morne Prosper Pentecostal Church website and Morne Prosper Pentecostal Church Facebook page.  Now back to our field trip.

We had lunch at the Botanical Gardens purchased at the Whitchurch Deli.  There I am again! I'm the second on the right next to our older son. :)  My alma mater - Convent High School is in the background on the left. 

Hubby and I.  I love being married to this man.  Thank God for his blessing on our relationship.  Don't you just love the crotons in this picture.  I love crotons - all the different colors and types.  God is an awesome creator to have given us such beautiful things to enjoy.

Then we went up to Morne Bruce to look at the view of the city of Roseau.  That view is magnificent!  Don't you think so?  Look at how blue the Caribbean Sea is in the background.  We stopped by the office of the President of Dominica for our guest to visit someone working there.  The President is my grand uncle(my deceased grandfather's brother) and we requested to see him but he had an appointment at the time so we didn't get to see him.  Bummer.  Some other time I guess.

You need to come to Dominica if you've never been or come again if it's been more than 1 yr since you've been here.  Let me know you're coming.  We most likely will take you around some.

I hope you enjoyed going on our field trip virtually and don't forget to stop by the church website and facebook page.
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