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Monday, January 23, 2012

Herbs & Help For Painful Menstruation

For just about all my life I've experienced painful menstrual cycles. They were so intense that I could hardly sit, stand, or have anything close to me or touching my skin. My mom gave me cinnamon tea each time but it did not help. Finally in my mid teens my doctor recommended Ibuprofen. The lower dosages did nothing to help but when I took the higher dosage that was the only time I got relief. Up until a couple of years ago I was taking 1200mg of Ibuprofen to help with the pain.

When we changed out eating habits as a family I prayed to the Lord asking him to help me with this because I never liked putting drugs in my body and I really want to stop. I researched painful menstruation and alternative remedies for it. To God be the glory, gradually the pain lessened and it's to the point where I can carry on a normal conversation and not take painkillers.

These are the herbs that I use for painful menstruation:
Ginger(for cramps)
Red Raspberry

Back to Eden has this to say:
Constipation is the one common cause of painful menstruation.  Relieve the bowels and colon with high enemas.  Keep the body warm at all times, using a hot water bottle at night, if necessary.  Keep off the feet as much as possible, especially the first day.  A hot sitz bath or hot fomentation to the spine and abdomen often afford relief at once.  Fomentations will always relieve the pain.  Give as long as necessary and repeat.

When the period first comes on, keep off your feet as much as possible.  During the entire time of menstruation keep your limbs and feet warm.  In the winter never have wet or cold feet.  Keep them warm at night by the use of a hot water bottle or soapstone.  Keep the hands out of cold water, if possible.

Other herbs recommended in The Little Herb Encyclopedia:
Blessed Thistle
Cramp Bark(for cramps)
Feverfew(for cramps)
Lady's Slipper
Passion Flower
Queen of the Meadow
Shepherd's Purse
Spearmint(for cramps)
Squaw Vine
Wild Yam(for cramps)

Hope this was helpful.  If there's anything that you do that works beside these, feel free to share in the comments.
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  1. That's awesome Regina! Thanks for sharing your testimony and experience with magnesium.

  2. Jenn thank you for posting this.  It is very helpful for people to know there are other ways out there other than the traditional westernized and very expensive medical route.  I too had very painful periods and prayed my little heart out too for healing and/or relief.  Answers came, as they came for you. Such is the way when we ask within :)  I am curious though, are you still feeling pain to any degree?  If so, I you can be healed and free from the whole range pain and discomfort.  There is real healing involved, but takes dediction.  If you're interested in sharing stories and finding out more, please contact me at This is not a scam or any kind, nor is there any money involved. I geinuinely desire to help.  What we've come to accept and are to accept as normal periods is not normal at all and we can be healed completely without pills, chemicals and the normal medical route. I have been healed completely and have participated in the healing of other women.  I simply want to off what I've experienced and come to understand as a result.  Healing is possible.  Thank you ...I invite anyone else who reads this post and desires healing to contact me as well.  Peace and Good Love my dear sisters of the world!

  3. At Thanksgiving a friend sold me CALM magnesium supplement.  This friend is an energetic 74-year-old blessing to everyone she is around. She takes magnesium four times a day to prevent muscle cramps.
    The bottle said it is helpful for PMS.  Usually my first day is painful and it helps to just sleep for a few hours.  Since starting magnesium a couple times a day, I can work right through all the days of my cycle with very little discomfort. 


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