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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Catching up

Well, to begin to recount my past time of absence. Last week, I received an apron from Amy at It was just the right size and I started using it right away. Green is my favorite color so this apron was an immediate hit. I praise God for Amy and her generous heart.

I received my certification from Glow University to perform facial skin analysis using the GlowVista Skin Analyzer Magnifier. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. The Bible says in Proverbs 13:12 - "Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when the desire comes, it is a tree of life." And I do feel a new vibrancy because of this dream come true. Thank you Jesus!

The homeschooling material for our youngest son arrived and I just as excited as he is to start. I have been working with the older one and the younger one just kept asking when am I going to do my paces Mammy. Now they are here. We did testing yesterday which I really did not have to do for him only for the older one but I just wanted to see. Today we started him on pace RR01. They enjoy doing their lessons. It's not long and drawn out because I believe that kids should have time to just be kids and not spend all day doing bookwork. They should have time to develop their creativity. While I am working with one boy the other is doing Jumpstart on the computer which they both love to do. One of these days I may post about a day in the life of me so you can see what goes on in the Valerie household in a typical day "maybe :)". It might be a surprise to me too. It might show me if I am not doing what I should because of wasting time or show me if I am doing too much or if it is all balanced as the Lord has shown me to strive for.

The Lord miraculously as He always does, came through with monies for a few bills that were due or a few days past due. God continues to establish his PERFECT track record of being our Provider. To Him be all the glory! now and forever.

We were able to release our giveaway shelf of quite a few items and blessed some people with clothing items, toiletries, books, etc. It felt so good to get them off the shelf and actually give them away.

Last week we were in the living room zone as per Flylady and I decided to sort through the videos and DVDs that we had. Since we don't have cable we end up with quite a few borrowed DVDs and videos . Well that day i sat down and put together all that had to be returned, put labels with the names of the owners and put them on the glass table near the front door. So what we have been doing is that every time we are leaving the house to go somewhere we take something for someone who might be in the general area or who we might see at church and return it to them. Whew! what a relief.

Yesterday on the way to pick up the young lady for her skin care session I stopped at the library with the boys. They both have their own library cards which I got them last year and they each got three books and a video. They were so excited. They love going to the library. We don't go too often but when they asked me last week if they could go, I told them we would so I kept my word and took them. They gave the librarian their cards and their books and it was just neat to see them do it all by themselves with just a little guidance from me.

This is a very long post so I will stop for now and continue with the update another time. Besides my darling husband just pulled up in the driveway and I've got to go greet him. Bye

Be fruitful and multiply. Multiply what the Lord has put in your hand and glorify Him.

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  1. IS there any way to do the skin analysis from far away? I was seriously praying today for someone to help me with the constant break-outs I get and all I can find are places who only care about making money. I prayed one of the Godly ladies I have met on the blog would have a recipe or a secret treatment for acne and post it today.


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