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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Monday

Monday was a field trip for the boys and another day of exploration for us. My hubby’s parents and our family went to the Dublanc area to do some things and we decided to go exploring afterward. Here are the pics of the boys field trip today:

A view of the sea:

The boys standing on the overhang where we could look at the view above:

There was a craft shop owned by a guy named Jomo:

Here's a sample of the beautiful items in his shop:

Some curtains in progress:

The boys looking at some of the craft items:
Hubby looking at some of the curtains in progress:

He also had a garden behind and around his craft shop. A pumpkin growing at the bottom of the flower:

Pumpkins a bit more developed:

Watermelon seedlings:

The majestic mountains in the area:

A few miscellaneous pictures of around the area:

I have no idea what this used to be but found it interesting:

The boys also had a lesson in how knives and cutlasses(machetes) are sharpened:

After they finished what we came to do we went to the park at the foot of the tallest mountain in Dominica which is 4747 ft. It is called Morne Diablotin.

Hubby and I are looking at the possibility of climbing that mountain with the boys in about 3 months after intensive training to build up our bodies for this hike.

On the way there we discovered this funny looking fruit but had no idea what it was:

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