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Monday, August 3, 2009

Save Money with your Food Storage

I am not why sure the general stigma of food storage is expensive, gross and only for extreme emergencies. If done correctly, your food storage contains most of the items you use everyday such as rice, wheat, sugar, salt, oils, potatoes, milk and the list goes on and on. Some items last up to a year, some much longer, but if you regularly rotate your food from your storage, your storage will always be updated and it will help save those precious dollars each month from going to the store and hopefully into your savings account.


  1. We try to rotate our food quite often. If it gets pushed to the back we forget about it. Then the kids complain it tastes "stale."

  2. Hi Pam,
    Maybe a weekly check to see what's at the back might help to prevent stuff staying back there for too long.

  3. I try to go through our non perishable food at least once a month to see what I need to use that has not been used in a while. This is a really great tip because it is easy to lose track of things that are shoved way back in a cabinet or pantry.

    I also go through the fridge once a week to see what I can throw away.

    And I wanted to say a quick thankyou for commenting on my blog post about Time Management. Girl, you are not alone. I struggled big time and sometimes still do when it comes to staying on top of things. I do try to follow each of my tips, but there are times when things fall apart on me and I am not able to get done what I plan. I guess that is where flexibility comes in. LOL

    Well, you have an awesome day! Chat soon, DAWN


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