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Monday, November 23, 2009

The John Hardy Jewelry Collection

Jewelry is a wonderful gift to give someone. My hubby has bought me a number of pieces over the 8 years we've been married. My tastes in jewelry are varied and depend on my mood. It also depends on the occasion. Some occasions call for simple jewelry and others call for a more fancy, elegant type of jewelry.

I've found the John Hardy Jewelry collection to be a one of a kind collection. I don't currently own any of the pieces but if I were to be given the choice, I would love to have these:

With matching cufflinks for my husband:

There are pieces for children as well.  If I had a little girl I think that these would look lovely on her:

Or this:

But since it's boys that I have these would look great on them I think:

The John Hardy collection is made by John Hardy and his wife Cynthia.  Here is a bit of background taken from the site about them:

In the 1980s Hardy fell in love with his business partner Cynthia, who became his wife and muse. Together the couple created an international luxury brand of designer jewelry.
In 1997, John and Cynthia acquired a hectare of land at the edge of some rice fields not far from their home in central Bali, for a workshop for their rapidly expanding business. The Hardys were concerned about converting food-producing land, so the design studio and workshop campus is also an organic farm, complete with livestock—cows, goats, poultry, rabbits—and fish ponds. The paths are paved with river stones and lined with tall sugar cane. Heirloom Bali rice grows in paddy fields outside the glass walls of the design center. The food grown here is used to provide the employees (over 700 people) with a healthy lunch. The buildings a low-impact structures built of natural local materials such as bamboo, thatch, adobe, and river stones.

There are many other pieces that caught my eye but thought I'd share some with you.

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