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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Today is my birthday!

I love birthdays. My husband calls them birthday anniversaries. I slept in today and enjoyed a lazy day at home unpacking from our trip to Guadeloupe(pics coming soon :) ) and spending time with my hubby and children.

Hubby made breakfast - wholewheat bakes and grated carrots. He made my bakes in the shape of a heart. The circle on the top left says "Jen I (shape of a heart) U".  The bottom section says Happy BDay Annv.  So romantic. I am loved.

Later in the day he went into the bathroom and rang my cell phone. I was in the kitchen and when I answered he and the boys sang Happy Birthday to me. Pure pleasure. Friends and family called to wish me Happy Birthday as well.

The blessings of God abounded and for this I am grateful. I am grateful for another year to glorify God and be used for his work here on earth. I am grateful for the salvation that I have and no one can take away. I am grateful for my husband and the boys we have. I am grateful for the health that we enjoy. I am grateful for the fact that we have a roof over our heads that is quite comfortable and spacious. I am grateful for food everyday and clothes that I can choose from to wear. I am grateful for a toilet that flushes and warm water in my shower. I am grateful for a wonderful church family. I am grateful for friends online and offline. I am grateful for so many things. God has been good to me and for this I am grateful.

I guess this birthday post turned into a Thanksgiving post. :)



  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEN!!! I pray it is a year overflowing in JOY peace & praise!!! Enjoy your special day!

  3. Happy and blessed birthday girlfriend. I am overjoyed to see how the Lord has worked in your life. My wish for you is that you keep making yourself available to Him and that you continue to press on towards the mark, the prize of that high calling in Him.

    May God grant you many many years to love and nurture your family and that your children will arise and call you blessed.

    Love you girlfriend.


  4. Happy, Happy Birthday to you!! (the 28th is my husband's birthday too) Your husband sounds like quite a guy! You are blessed indeeed! :)
    P.S. Thanks for sharing the pancake pic ~ too cute! :)

  5. Happy Birthday! Such cute breakfast idea. Blessings always!


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