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Friday, January 15, 2010

Tips for Wives - Pass Go and Collect

Add a little spice to the bedroom. Here are a few links to choose from. For those of you reading this via Facebook click on the link to the blog post to see the links.

Read on for today's tip.

Last week I wrote about board games. There are actually board games for the bedroom (thanks, Jessica, for reminding me of that). I am familiar with Bliss (which is actually a board game you play on your computer). It's nice because you are able to choose settings that make the game work within your comfort zone. A search of "romantic games" online gave me a number of sites that seemed relatively decent (be aware that searching with terms like "sexual will get you more graphic games and sites).

The other option is to create your own board game. Grab some poster board and a couple of markers. Decide what kind of options you want and have a little fun. You can use dice or create cards to help you move around the board. If you run into a creative block, think of the games you enjoy and use that basic form for your game, just change out the result of different moves with bedroom activities (you could even use an existing board and make changes to the board with sticky notes).

Love is a game that two can play and both win. 
Eva Gabor

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