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Thursday, March 25, 2010

What's New with Fruitful Vine?

Fruitful Vine is evolving and becoming so much more than I imagined. One of the new developments are the community toolbar at the bottom of the screen that enables you the readers to do much more on this site without having to click away.

There are new tabs on the navigation bar below the header that give you access to much of the information that was originally in the sidebars. This means that the page will load much faster when you get here. Whoopee!!!

One of those tabs is the products section where I feature links to helpful products and services to help you in your journey.

The newest item of all which I am super excited about (what's new - I get excited very quickly - hey I love life!) so as I was saying I am super excited that Fruitful Vine now has its own page on Facebook - YAY!!!!!!! Jump up and down with me will ya? LOL!

So you're asking me - how does this benefit you? Well I'll tell you - I will be sharing links, we'll be having discussions and so much more. This is like an extension of this website where we can interact in a forum that most of you are familiar with - Facebook. Optimal health and marriage is the focus of this website and the Fruitful Vine Facebook page. As I write this post we have over 30 people already who are part of our community on Facebook. Let's do it!

Soooooo your next step is to click the button below and join us. I am really looking forward to seeing you over there as well as here. Love you all so much my readers and friends. Don't forget! Click the button!

Fruitful Vine on Facebook

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