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Monday, May 3, 2010

Tips for Wives - Couple Kindness

We learn from all kinds of situations.

Read on as Lori shares an experience she had when she and her husband went out to eat.

My(Lori) husband and I ate at a local buffet. We were there in the afternoon when there tends to be a large number of elderly folks. While we were eating, we kept noticing the couple at the next table. At first I couldn't even tell why they stood out, but the more I watched them (as discreetly as I could), I realized that they were treating each other with great kindness and deference. The gentleman was especially helpful toward his wife (who was on a walker).

I wondered what my husband and I looked like. (We were, of course, much sillier, we just can't seem to stop cutting up.) Did we serve each other in kindness? Did we speak to each other with respect? I guess, what I came away with, is that I want to look like that. When folks look at me, I want them to see that my husband is special to me and deserving of kind and respectful treatment.

Love and respect are the most important aspects of ... all relationships. 
Jodie Foster

Be generous! Lori
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  1. I love this tip! It is easy to take our partner for granted sometimes and not always treat them with the gentleness they deserve. If we want our mates to treasure us, we should make the intention to do it too. Thanks for the reminder. :-)

  2. It is a touching story. You're so right about taking a step back and assessing where we are in terms of treating the other person well.  My Monday was great - thanks.

  3. Reminders are good from time to time.

  4. I think most of us may have days like that.  We just need reminders to get back on track from time to time.

  5. That is such a sweet story! I think it's a wonderful idea to take a step back and look to see if you are treating your significant other with the kindness you already feel. Hope you have a great Monday!

  6. That is precious. Sometimes we forget that lesson in our daily grind.

  7. What a great story and such a reminder. Sometimes we forget.

  8. This is a great observation. I've been trying to be more kind to my husband (cause I can't have my days when I can be mean). Great reminder.


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