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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tips For Wives - Sweetness & Games

Read on as Lori shares with us something she did to make her marriage sweeter.

Take the idea behind this tip and bless your husband. Hide and seek games are fun and little romantic/sexual activities are always appreciated by husbands.

Last year, I(Lori) bought an Easter basket, a little green grass and a dozen plastic Easter eggs (I think I got them almost free with a couple of coupons). Anyway, I wrote out on paper 12 different "sexually" stimulating activities (all very tasteful). For example, "Write a love letter", "Passionately kiss for 2 minutes", etc. Then, I put each of the small pieces of paper in an Easter egg and when my husband and I had an afternoon alone, I had him go on an Easter egg hunt. Each time he opened an egg, we engaged in the activity. Need I say more? I think it was his favorite holiday activity. :)

Be generous! Lori
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Here's a link to some potentially fun games for you and your hubby - Sex Scratchers: 100 Sexy Lottery Tickets to Scratch and Win!


  1. Same here girlfriend I felt so sad seeing Logos leave. I wish we could have those times of sharing more often but all things happen at the appointed time.

  2. Quite interesting! I know of no husband who would not me delighted to have this as a favourite game..LOL! I am gonna try some of this.

  3. It was great seeing you on board and chatting with you.


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