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Friday, May 14, 2010

Tips for Wives - Take A Mini Vacation

My husband and I sometimes do this when we have times when the boys are not with us and we're away from home.  We turn it into our time and move slowly to savor the moment.  You should try it.  Doing things the same old way day in and day out does not make life exciting and marriage needs to be kept exciting. One life to live.

...It's a bit of a trick, but it's a good thing to look for moments you can steal away with your husband. If you travel, try to create a mini-vacation before or after. If you are doing errands together, stop for a meal or a treat. If you have an appointment to keep, plan to enjoy a nearby spot together (a lovely park, your favorite bookstore, etc.).

We hit the sunny beaches where we occupy ourselves keeping the sun off our skin, the saltwater off our bodies, and the sand out of our belongings. 
Erma Bombeck

Be generous! Lori
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  1. So true. In this fast paced world, slowing down is a great thing to do from time to time.

  2. That's a great tip - it's always good to make time to just be together and enjoy the world.


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