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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tips for Wives - Truth

Interesting tip today.  It made me remember one of the moments that helped seal the deal regarding my then friend now husband.  We spent quite a bit of time one night nearly all night studying the scriptures together on the floor of his grandmother's home with his father on the sofa next to us.  I remember thinking at that time - this is someone I can be with because studying the bible was and still is very important to me.  We don't do all nighters anymore like we did that night but we do go into scripture and discuss it.  Sometimes we differ but most times I end up learning so much more and feeling so strengthened in my Christian walk.

Read on for today's tip.

What does the Bible say about [whatever subject]? Not what do Christians say, or your friends says, or the pastor says, but what does the Bible say? Pick an subject that interests you and your husband, study it together or separately, then discuss it.

I never stop studying. There's always lots to learn. When you stop learning, that's about the end of you. John Morton Finney

Be generous! Lori
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