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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Logos Hope Memories Part 4

This plate of food is a sample of what we had on board.  Needless to say I did not eat my healthiest on board but definitely stayed away from meat. So we did okay.  We had fresh salad everyday with our meals in a separate bowl so that was pretty cool.  On the plate you see tuna, beets, vegetable casserole, and I think it's carrots. 

The boys in their bunk bed:

Hubby in more Kids Discipleship Training action:

Part of the class picture outside on one of the decks.  Hubby being funny with one of the discipleship tools.

They showed this short film during the final class. Click on the image to see more info on it at Amazon.

A team came to our church to do a presentation.  That was fun and enlightening at the same time.  Of course our boys took part.  I love their eagerness to take part in activities.  I pray that their eagerness would continue all through their lives as they deepen their relationship with the Lord.

Showing the 10/40 window:

Our boys in the engine room:

If you're my friend on Facebook you can click on the photos tab and you will see more pictures of the Kids Discipleship Training class my hubby and I took part in.

That's all folks.  I really hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I enjoyed sharing them with you.  I've got some more news to share with pictures again about another development in our lives.  Come back later in the week. Have an awesome day and remember our lives are (as my signature says) - For God's glory - so live like it.

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