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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Raw Mom Cooked Dad

Tera Warner, Fiona Hollis and the team over at are holding another superb and FREE teleseminar starting October 10, 2010. This event is packed with talks from 40 of the Word’s Leading Experts on Raw Food, Nutrition and Healthy Living! in their own words.

Each call with each expert is available for free for 24 hours and are mostly between 30 to 45 minutes long, a few are a bit longer. Basically the target of this FREE event is for those who have partners that are not raw. So you have one person wanting to eat abundantly raw and the other person couldn't care less and prefers to eat cooked food. Even though that may not be your situation this seminar would still be great to listen to because of all the information you're gonna hear. Their are speakers who are athletes, those who are doctors, mothers, dads who eat cooked food while their partner eats raw and even children and young people who are raw as well. It's looks like a fantastic lineup.

Let's get into some name dropping shall we? Brendan Brazier, Leanne Ely, David Wolfe, Yuri Ekaim, Ka Sundance, Karen Ranzi, Matt Monarch, Dr. Doug Graham, Daniel Vitalis, Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo, Jenna Norwood, Alissa Cohen, Sergei Boutenko, Heather Pace, Marc-André Chaput, Vanessa Stewart and Jay and Linda Kordich. Okay I think you get the picture.

And the topics don't only cover raw foods and cooked foods only. They're gonna be delving into meal planning, kitchen organization and relationships as well. The event goes on for 10 days and it's free. If you would like to have access to these calls at your own convenience it's also available for a small fee. Go register for this FREE Raw Mom Cooked Dad event. Let us grow in our knowledge of what's good for our bodies.
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  1. I'm nowhere near a raw diet, but I enjoy many raw foods and definitely know the benefits of them. Thanks for the info. I'm the only non-meat person in my house of meat and potato men.

  2. I am the only raw person I know in real life!


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