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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

55 Amazing Health Benefits of Mango

Mango has been referred to as a super fruit or the "king of fruits" with good reason. It has such powerful healing properties. I enjoy mangoes and that used to be my sole reason for eating them. There are different types of mango and my favorite is the grafted mango. Last mango season I froze some so that I would still be able to enjoy when they're not in season that's how much I love mangoes. Now after doing the research for this article I am even more motivated to eat them and make all kinds of recipes using them when they're in season and of course as long as I am able to I will freeze some more for when they're not in season. Here are 55 amazing things that mangoes are good for including the leaves.


55 Health Benefits of Mango

  1. powerful antioxidant and anticancer abilities
  2. high in iron which is excellent for pregnant women and people with anemia
  3. effective in relieving clogged pores of the skin
  4. valuable to combat acidity and poor digestion
  5. high in antioxidants
  6. low in carbohydrates
  7. help to protect against heart disease
  8. beneficial for kidney problems including nephritis
  9. reduces fever,aids in respiratory problems
  10. helps or prevents constipation
  11. promotes good eyesight
  12. prevents night blindness, refractive errors, dryness of the eyes, softening of the cornea, itching and burning in the eyes
  13. helps break down proteins and aids with indigestion
  14. relieves inflammation of the stomach mucus membranes
  15. relieves summer diarrhea
  16. aids in dysentery
  17. helps with piles
  18. relieves morning sickness
  19. helps with chronic dyspepsia
  20. makes the complexion fair and the skin soft and shining
  21. mango leaves helps normalize insulin levels in the blood
  22. helps to regulate sex hormones and boosts sex drive
  23. beneficial for anemia
  24. boosts memory
  25. excellent remedy for heat stroke and heat exhaustion in summer
  26. can be very helpful in weight gain
  27. helps hormonal system function more efficiently
  28. might help alleviate asthma symptoms
  29. beneficial in cases of bacterial infections
  30. helps with hair loss
  31. aids in instances of leucorrhea
  32. beneficial for liver disorders
  33. good for menstrual disorders
  34. can be used for prickly heat relief
  35. aids in scurvy
  36. helps with sinusitis
  37. might help with spleen enlargement
  38. helpful for vaginitis
  39. can help reduce the risk of high blood pressure
  40. lowers blood cholesterol levels
  41. used to treat bleeding gums
  42. useful for coughs
  43. relieves nausea including sea sickness
  44. inhibits the growth cycle of cancer cells
  45. demonstrates antigiardiasic properties
  46. reduces the risk of kidney stone formation
  47. has potent anti-inflammatory capabilities
  48. replenishes salts, vitamins and energy after physical exercise
  49. strengthens and invigorates the nerve tissues in muscles, heart and brain and other parts of the body
  50. cleans the bowel of the "filth" within and are an ideal antidote for all toxic effects inside the body
  51. provide also sufficient resistance to fight any germs and afflictions
  52. has a protective effect in gall bladder cancer
  53. possesses antiinflammatory, diuretic, chloretic and cardiotonic activities 
  54. displays a high antibacterial activity against gram positive bacteria
  55. leaves have been recommended as a drug in preventing dental plaques,,,,,,

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