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Friday, December 17, 2010

Lowering High Blood Pressure E-books are here!

The day is finally here. All the work is done and they're available for sale and immediate download. I am so excited!!! I know there are so many suffering with different ailments and my heart is to help them gain their healing as naturally as possible.

The series being released today deals with High Blood Pressure. There are three recipe books in the series. One contains drinks to help lower high blood pressure. One has salads and the other one is a combination of the drinks and salads and includes cooked recipes as well. I enjoyed creating the recipes and feel confident that if you incorporate these recipes into your daily eating plan, you should be well on your way to reducing you or your loved one's high blood pressure.

These are more than just recipe books.  Throughout the books you will find snippets of information regarding the herbs, fruit, vegetables and other foods good for lowing hypertension.  Cautions about certain herbs and fruits are also included.  These books are a valuable resource in the arsenal of anyone who is seeking to reduce high blood pressure.  There are photos of many of the recipes as well.  An extensive list of the herbs that can be used is also included in the drinks e-book and the combo e-book.

I've added the buy now buttons and prices in the Insanely Simple! Recipe Bookstore. Now here's the other more exciting part of this post. A new feature has been added to the store! Anyone can have the opportunity to make money with my e-books. The commission is a very generous one and I'm happy to be able to help someone earn extra income while at the same time they are helping others to gain optimal health and the upper hand on whatever the ailment is.

New books will continue to be added to the bookstore and of course there will be huge discounts for subscribers to Our Fruitful Vine Newsletter and occasionally discounts will be given to blog followers and Facebook page fans.  So keep your eyes and ears tuned to Twitter, Facebook and your inbox.

The High Blood Pressure section of the Insanely Simple! Recipes Bookstore has more information on the books - page count, the number of recipes, prices etc.  Check it out, purchase the book(s), become an affiliate, recommend to your friends, family, loved ones and earn money doing so.  This is so exciting!!!!!!!

If you know of anyone who is suffering from hypertension let them know about these great resources, remember they're not just recipe books.  But first, become an affiliate and let them use your link to purchase.  That way they benefit and you benefit.  I love you all my friends.

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  1. Jo's Health CornerDecember 19, 2012 at 8:38 AM

    Way to go! Congratulations Jennifer!



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