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Monday, December 6, 2010

Spotlight On Health - Hallelujah Acres

Every Monday Our Fruitful Vine brings to you a healthy living site/blog to help you on the journey to optimal health.  Today the big, bright, dazzling spotlight shines on Hallelujah Acres.

The Hallelujah Acres latest slogan is "We Juice Up Your Life" and from the countless testimonies that can be found on the testimonies section it is definitely true that a lot of lives have been juiced up by them.

Let me give a little background on Hallelujah Acres as I learned it.  It was started by Rev. George Malkmus who at the time was a pastor.  He developed colon cancer and through divine providence found the way to healing through a mainly raw food diet.  That was 30 plus years ago.  He has been teaching a 85% raw and 15% cooked way of eating for optimal health.  Find out more of his story and how Hallelujah Acres began in the history section of the site.

So what exactly does Hallelujah Acres teach is the optimal way to eat for greater health and healing?  Check out the section on the Hallelujah Diet for all the information and reasoning behind it all.  I am really excited to share Hallelujah Acres with you because I know that you will find lots of resources to help you on the journey to optimal health.  That's what I've found and I'm sharing with you.

Hallelujah Acres has many resources to help in our journey to optimal health.  There are recipes, videos, courses and seminars, one of them being the Women's Retreat coming next October.

I've been so impressed with Hallelujah Acres that my dream is to be one of their certified Health Ministers.  I've already received part of the home study section of the training and I'm believing God for the finances to fly to the US to complete the rest of the certification.

Hallelujah Acres also has newsletters that you can sign up for and Rev. George Malkmus has a blog where he shares health tips regularly.

So click on the links mentioned in this post and discover a world of healthy information through Hallelujah Acres.  They can also be found on Twitter and Facebook.

Next week another blogger with a healthy living site/blog. Take care.

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  1. Hi there,Thank you for adding your voice to the discussion.  Our family also is not quite fixed in our percentages but aim for generally high raw.

  2. Hallelujah Acres sounds like a nice site, checking it out now. am a big fan of raw foods, but i don't maintain it in a routine sort of way. i add raw foods to my diet which has no fixed amount of cooked vs. raw diet. i just make sure to eat whatever is healthy.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing about Hallelujah Acres and our websites. It's such a joy to see others helping to spread our message of health.
    -Drew Horine
    Web Services Manager, Hallelujah Acres


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