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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Weight Gain Culprits

Quite a number of people are overweight these days. In times past being overweight was not a common sight but now when you look around you just about one out of three persons are overweight. Why and how did it happen?

It’s the food!

Many of the traditional foods have extra calories added to them in the form of mass-produced vehicles like high fructose corn syrup.

These new freak foods are designed not by chefs, but by lab technicians packing every morsel with maximum calories at minimum cost—with little or no regard to dietary impact. Indeed, Eat This, Not That! 2011: Thousands of easy food swaps that can save you 10, 20, 30 pounds--or more! has uncovered the truth about some of your favorite fast food and grocery store items and how they're causing you to pack on unnecessary pounds. It’s enough to kill your appetite, which—in these cases, anyway—would be a good thing.

...burgers really do come from cows—but have you ever wondered how those giant chains process and distribute so much meat so cheaply? And . . . are you sure you want to know?

The company that makes these patties specializes in taking slaughterhouse trimmings—heads and hooves and the like—that are traditionally used only in pet food and cooking oil, and turning them into patties.

The company has developed a process for killing beef-based pathogens by forcing the ground meat through pipes and exposing it to ammonia gas—the same chemical you might use to clean your bathroom.

Read The Truth About Your Weight Gain for the rest of the story on hamburger patties and a few more foods as well as alternatives.

Here's another excerpt:

Most guacamoles with the word “dip” attached to the label suffer from a lack of real avocado. A particular brand of guacamole dip is composed of less than 2 percent avocado; the rest of the green goo is a cluster of...

Unbelievable! And someone would question why I don't eat certain things? It's because of all this nonsense.

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  1. That is awesome! Real food is the way to go. We are blessed to have church members who are farmers so we get our food from them and from my hubby's parents as well. Keep on eating optimally.

  2. Jo's Health CornerDecember 19, 2012 at 8:38 AM

    Great post as usual. It is crazy that they put HFCS in everything.

    My husband read something interesting in his Naturopathy studies a couple of years ago. When HFCS came out and was about to be approved by the FDA, the current man in charge didn't want to approve it because it was already then linked to diabetes in studies etc...The man opposing HFCS was forced to resign but he wrote about the dangers of it..Amazing how money rules...

  3. So true - how money rules. Imagine being forced to resign because you have people's best interests at heart. Sad.

  4. I feel lucky to be living overseas in Southeast Asia for the past 9 years where I can get real food easily from real farmers. I didn't like it at first, even though I was already a vegetarian, I was used to the tastes of processed foods. But now I have learned to love REAL food and I can really taste the difference when I go back to the states to visit. I am high raw vegan now. I just can't eat that junk anymore!


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