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Friday, March 2, 2012

Frugal Dad

In these interesting economic times most people are looking for ways to save and cut on costs in all areas.  For sure, home improvement savings are no exception and Frugal Dad offers coupons to help with that.

Most of the time around the blogosphere we see women writing on topics to do with frugality, coupons and savings.  It's refreshing to see a male perspective by Frugal Dad.  According to his site, he gives insights on money, career and coupons and gives the average family financial resources with a conservative approach to finances.

The financial experiences that Frugal Dad has written about on his about page are varied.  Many people have been through those same experiences and need help navigating their way out of it.  Some recent articles include Money Lessons Learned From Kids and How Happy Is The Meal You're Paying For?  His most popular posts at the time of writing this are Amazon Coupon Code, How Happy Is The Meal You're Paying For? and Dream On: Why Sleep Is So Important.

The site has been featured on The New Yorker, Business Week, PC Mag, The New York Times and other well known places.  Frugal Dad appears to be well qualified to offer the advice he does on his site and is worth checking out.  He's also offering a free e-book called the 7-Day Turnaround.

If you can't stand being in debt, if you prefer the safer route and don’t enjoy taking risks, if credit cards are a necessary evil to you but you could do without them, if persons who are out there giving financial advice so that they could get rich with no benefit to you then Frugal Dad should be good reading for you. According to his site he feels basically the same way and gives advice that is uncomplicated and simple. A return to the basic principles like making sure you don't spend all your income and saving money for hard times are what he espouses. Simple but they work.

Still not convinced?  Here are a few more articles that he's written on his site. The “No-Spend Day” Challenge, Shopping at Warehouse Clubs: Frugal or Not?, A Shift in Perspective: Micro-Budgeting to Big-Picture Finances, and Retirement: Are You Just Throwing Money at a Number?  Very interesting articles.  Worth a read and more importantly will help you get or stay on the right footing with your finances.

As a result of his experience with high debt incurred from college expenses, Frugal Dad has become passionate about helping students maximize their college experience and lessen their expenses by offering scholarships to college students based on their academic achievements.  Details can be found by visiting the site and clicking on Scholarships.

To your financial success,

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