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Friday, May 4, 2012

Comfy Sheep

I've been looking for rugs for our home and I saw these lovely sheepskin rugs on the Comfy Sheep website that would look great in our master bedroom.

While browsing through their site I came across some nice looking luxury car seat covers that would fit nicely on our car seats. I've been looking at our car seats lately and they are showing the wear and tear of the 10yr old vehicle that it is. It would be lovely to have some to put over them and drive around in comfort.

The Comfy Sheepskin has been around for about 25 yrs and ship their products throughout the US and Canada. They make their products to fit your exact specifications. Besides car seat covers and rugs they also have a variety of sheepskin products for pets, cribs and even boots and sandals. I love the look of these Indian Slide slippers.

Visit the Comfy Sheepskin website to see all what they have to offer.

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  1. Hmm..
     It is looking cool... i want to get it in my car..
     how much it would cast..???

  2. All these are sheep wool made and I think these are really awesome and i really inspire and I want to buy one of shoe pair for me.


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